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Badly Drawn Boy Minister of. . ?

As ever, the OFFICIAL Monster Raving Loony party appoints only the finest of people to hold one of our many Ministerial positions . . . however sometimes we can’t quite select the correct one so are giving the good people on Twitter the chance to suggest a Ministry for the one & only (oops, no, that was Chesney Hawkes) . . . the Damontastic, BADLY DRAWN BOY . . . your assistance on this matter is most appreciated.

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80 Today!

On this day, 80 years ago, at New End hospital in Hampstead, London, an extremely young David Sutch let out his very first scream ….. and he carried on screaming for over 58 years. Happy Heavenly Birthday your Lordship.


Denis Hoare

Radio Alty – Loony Show with the Pastries Weds 11th Nov

We, the caring sharing party have erroneously ordered too much merchandising stock in preparation for the Christmas rush of orders. Therefore as part of our second series of lockdown fun and games via our Twitter account, we will be giving some away in our #LoonyLotto. To gain some additional entries for this Saturday’s prize draw, tune into https://www.radioalty.co.uk/ from 10am on Wed 11 November and tweet in the songs that you hear!