Northenden Boat Race 2016

Northenden_Boat_Race_3The 10th Annual Northenden Boat Race was a roaring success! And won once again by Johnny Disco and his brother Mike Disco. Hurrah!

Now we look forward to the presentation night and charity fundraiser in the Crown Inn Northenden on the 8th of October at 7.30pm. There will also be an art auction, raffle, disco and fun. Northenden_Boat_Race_4As always, all money raised is for The Christie Charity which is a world renown cancer charity.

Mad Hatter in the Witney by-election

Mad hatter on bike by radcliffe camera imageGood People of Oxfordshire. Now is the time to cast your vote for a better future! Vote for The Mad Hatter in the Witney parliamentary by-election on the 20th October. You know it makes sense
Your local candidate. . .

Longest Serving Party Leader

Celebrations will be a foot at the forthcoming ‘Official Monster Raving Loony Party’ Annual Conference to be held in Blackpool, Thurs 29 – Sat 1st Oct at Uncle Toms Cabin, North Shore, Blackpool.

Our leader Howling ‘Laud’ Hope will officially become the longest serving party leader in British political history. He will have surpassed record of 16 years, formerly held by our Spiritual Leader ‘Screaming Lord Sutch’, God rest his soul.

Howling ‘Laud’  took over officially at the Conference of 1999, although had assumed leadership as from 16th June that same year, being the deputy leader at the time.

In his term of office has incredibly seen off the ‘Dirty Dozen’ as it were:

Conservative Leaders :- William Haig, Ian Duncan Smith, Michael Howard and David Cameron.
Labour Leaders :- Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband.
Lib Dem Leaders :- Paddy Ashdown, Charles Kennedy, Menzies Campbell and Nick Clegg.
Ukip Leader :- Nigel Farage.

A record that will be officiated by the Guinness Book of Records shortly.

By- election in Witney

I can confirm that we will have a candidate for the forthcoming by-election in Witney, Oxfordshire…
This has come about by the resignation of David Cameron today…
He says that this is because “he dosn’t want to be a distraction to the current Government”, Although we must say he’s been very distracting for the last several years, so why change?
During his reign as Prime Minister he will be remembered as the man who took us out of the E.U…unintentionally, so any future employment where good judgement or gambling is involved is out…I can’t see him doing any manual labour?…so that leaves Pig husbandry perhaps?

Northenden Boat Race 2016

Northenden_Boat_Race_OarsIf any of you happen to find yourselves in South Manchester over the bank holiday weekend, then pop along to the Northenden Boat Race.
On Sunday the 28th of August at 1pm, the 10th annual Northenden Boat Race takes place on the River Mersey in Northenden. Billed as ‘bigger than the Olympics’ this gruelling half mile course has two categories, the dinghy race and the canoe race. winner2Last year attracting 20 dinghies and 3 canoes. Every year money is raised for Christies the cancer charity based in Manchester and over the 10 years the boat race has been going £20,000 has been raised for this fantastic cause. So call in, all the organisers are loonies. Previous winners include, The Captain, Lord Cam and Johnny Disco!!

Conference Update

It’s early August so only eight weeks to Conference time. As most of you know by now, we are back in Blackpool this year from the 29th Sept – 1st October. The same venue as last year ‘Uncle Toms Cabin’ North Shore. Jo Jacklin the Landlady is over the moon that we have decided to go back for a second time, she will tell you how great it was last year, she and her staff reckoned it was the best weekend of their year.
This years musical line up includes ‘The Full Fat Boogie Band’ on the Friday night, they were great last year. Also the fabulous ‘The Big Fibbers’, who are our conference band, and Mr Badaxe – Badaxe, so good we named him twice. Plus Dale Rowles and his BB Blackdog Band show, also ‘The Wattingers’ an evil looking band, who play wicked music, for monstrous minded Loonies! Very sorry to say that Vince Cornwall and his Rodent Rat Show will not be appearing this year. Vince has had surgery and has been told to take it easy, although he is up and about and will be attending with Andrew the Rat, and just maybe Vince may be able to do us a DJ spot on the Friday to open it all up get everybody in the right mood.

And more acts have promised to put in an appearance. I’m not prepared to name names at the moment but some could surprise, remember Adam Ant just turned up one year!

Oh yes and ‘The B.U.M.S’ from Wales, all very good all round musicians, and can stop and entertain at the drop of a 10p piece, alright half a crown then!

The ‘Open Top’ bus is once again booked for the Saturday lunch time ‘Booze Carouse’, thanks once again to Tony Davies. Thankyou as well to Vince and Dale for their input in helping put things together.

You can find accommodation anywhere around ‘The Cabin’ area, that’s the name of the bus stop on North Shore, for around £25-£27-50 per night. There is room for camper vans on site. If you want any help with accommodation call ‘The New Guilderoy Hotel’ on 07747854125 or 01253351547, ask for Lord Guilderoy  and he will sort you out maybe, next door or across the road when they are full. I shall be there as from Thursday 22nd of September, so if anybody wants make a longer ‘do’ of it, you won’t be alone!

See you all there.
The Howling ‘Laud’.

*Breaking News*

In a hurried statement today ‘Nick the Flying Brick’ party Treasurer and Shadow Minister for the ‘Abolition of Gravity’ stated categorically that the ‘Official Monster Raving Loony Party’ have had no resignations and have no plans for a leadership contest.

WE ARE! The Rainbow Alliance

2016_3635_Wandsworth_Town_Hall_16_JunIt was great to meet up with George Weiss at the Tooting by-election. George is the leader of ‘The Rainbow Alliance Party.’ A great friend of Lord Sutch and myself, he was also the agent for Ronnie Carroll when he stood in by-elections. The last time we met was up in the Hartlepool by-election of 2004.
George  used to live next door to Peter Cook so consequently also knew Dudley Moore very well, he was also a great friend of Ian Dury. At Tooting he was the agent for  Smiley Smillie. Myself, Smiley on guitar and others, performed a song which George has written about Utopia, which we recorded outside Tooting Broadway Station!
2016_3636_Wandsworth_Town_Hall_16_JunIn 2004 George claimed ownership of the house that he had always lived in, as his landlord had not collected rent for 12 years. He won his case and sold it for half a million. Then spent the money funding candidates for his RA party in the elections on Northern Ireland. He plans to regenerate his Rainbow Alliance, and maybe join in with us, or come under our umbrella, because if there is a Rainbow its probably raining somewhere.
We have worked together before, and maybe again, we shall see!
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope

These are the Rainbow Alliance lyrics:
“We are the music makers
we are the dreamers of dreams
We are the movers and shakers of the world forever… it seems subliming rhyming impeccable timing
Bands of Parties Wonder Party Bands
playing their ways to Wonderlands
where all will be lovely free and fair
with pleasure to treasure everywhere
Bands of Parties Wonder Party Bands
playing their ways to Wonderlands
We are the music makers
We are the dreamers of dreams
We are the movers and shakers of the world forever . . . it seems”

Future Wonder Party Band Parties: will attain WPBP status by recording their own interpretations of this simple lyric and making it available to downloaders: who will ideally  pay £1: to join their Revolutionary Wonder Party Band Parties in the process.
>>Link to ‘We Are’ performed at Tooting Tube Station<<
‘Rainbow’ George