Howling Laud on the Daily Politics show

Howling Laud is on BBC2’s Daily Politics – Today!

2014_8552_Andrew_NeilSPECIAL @daily_politics TWITTER QUIZ COMPETITION
Simply tell us (before noon today) how many badges our leader will be wearing on todays show!
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Flying Brick’s basking in The Sun

2015_1704_Brick_in_SunNick the Flying Brick has promised to give three kitchens to all houses in Doncaster North as part of his main policy for the 2015 General Election. This has been extensively covered in the >>SunNation<< published on the 10th April.
Other policies:

  • The Labour Party should be extended an overdraft facility of £10 Trillion from somebody else’s money to accommodate their spending needs. Better plan for a better future.
  • Conisbrough Castle will be developed into an intergalactic space port.

Dame Jolyon Dixon & Adam Gzunder in the Brighton Argus

2015_1703_Gzunder_and_DameSome policies from Dame Dixon and Adam Gzunder:

  • Subsidised moustache waxing and good quality fake moustaches for all residents who cannot grow their own
  • A hail-able rickshaw toilet which would tour Western Road.
  • Noise reduction teams who would confront loud revellers by playing louder 1970s love ballads
  • We will twin Hove with a warm holiday destination.

Uxbridge: A Constituency United by Hope

AlanHope2We are pleased to announce that Alan “Howlin Laud” Hope is standing as a candidate in Uxbridge, London against Boris and others on May 7th
Vote Loony, you know it makes sense. . .

Message from Blunderbuss

2015_1643_Blunderbuss_and_NessieMy main  Manickfesto proposal is to put the Loch Ness Monster into the Abbey Fields lake in Kenilworth. This will bring massive tourism to the area. Later on Nessie could be moved around the constituency to other lakes and pools, then maybe a UK tour could follow. I am still looking for some help with canvassing during my campaign, so if there’s any locals that could help please get in touch.

Bigger Fibbers in Buzzfeed

2015_1641_FibbersOur “Shadow Minister for Big Fibs and Blatant Lies” Knigel Knapp had a great gig with ‘The Bigger Fibbers’ at the Rhythm Factory nightclub in East London last Wednesday on the 1st of April.
>>Read the article published in Buzzfeed<<

Monster Mash – The Plan

The Official Monster Raving Loony Party’s General Election campaign song by The Bigger Fibber is out now! And available for download from all the usual download sites – But we have Plan!
If everybody downloads it in the same week we might just get it into the charts! 8000 downloads in the same week will get it into the top 40. The week we have chosen is the week of The General Election – that is Mon 4th May through to Sun 10th. So if every member of the Loony Party and every Big Fibber fan downloads it as many times as they can that week, and then tells their friends and family to do the same, and for them to then pass on the Plan to their friends, we might just achieve a moment of political and musical history.
If we can get Monster Mash into the charts that might just send an interesting message to all those ‘normal’ politicians who say they represent us. So – by all means download a copy of the single now – we know you can’t wait to get your lugholes acquainted with it and it might be good to practise your downloading skills, but please hold back for just a little longer and then from the 4th May lets all go Monster Mash downloading mad and get it in the charts!