Hairy Knorm on the hustings in Rochester

Daily Telegraph: Monster Raving Loony party: Ukip ‘stealing our thunder’

Looking ahead!

2014_7651_Unc_Toms_CabinThe Party Conference next year Fri 25th-Sat 26th Sept 2015, is to be held in Blackpool. Uncle Toms Cabin, a fine music venue on Blackpools North Shore, 44-46 Queens Promenade, FY2 9RW. This venue is not a hotel so no accommodation is available unfortunately, but, I have arranged with one of our party members Lord Guilderoy, of the ‘New Guilderoy Hotel’ on Holmfield Road, only 750 yds away for a £25 pound
a night stay to include breakfast. When he is full, he knows the guest houses either side of him and can fix us up in there! Uncle Toms is about half a mile from the tower and Town Centre, bus and tram stops right outside. I have also arranged with ‘Jo’ the landlady for motor home and tent camping on the premises.
If you wish to make your own arrangements all very well, lots of places on the doorstep in Northumberland Road, Knowle Avenue and Holmfield Road, but stay in the Cabin area, that’s the name of the tram stop. Best to find the venue first then make your mind up!
Vince Ripper and his Rock ‘n’ Roll Horror show will be on both nights, already booked, to intersperse with whatever other entertainment may be on. The venue will provide a suitable band on the Friday, free of charge.
We have also at our disposal a Double Decker open top bus, to perambulate along the promenade on, with various banners and loud hailers, already confirmed.
I would like to thank Vince Cornwall, Tony Davies and  Simon Connelly, all Party Members, for helping to make this happen, and last but not least, the lovely ‘Jo’ of the Cabin for allowing it to happen.
Come and make a week of it, I will, and your more than welcome to come and join me!
The Howling ‘Laud’
New Guilderoy Phone no: 01253 351 547 – FY2 9RU – mention the Loony Party when booking.

E.U Budget Adjustment and other news

We can confirm that the Loony party was not notified of the E.U budget demand of £1.7bn before George Osborne or David Cameron.
Also in the news the BBC in keeping with their policy of not important news coverage will be televising the incarceration of Oscar Pistorius 24 hours a day. Yes you can see the riveting instalments of Oscar sitting in a cell for 5 years. You can see Oscar walking around his cell and his special hour of Recreation. .Ping Pong  exclusives …..Don’t miss the Slopping Out Special Highlights.

Asda’s equality policy

The Loony Party being strong advocates of equal pay agree that the women workers of Asda should have equal pay with the men.
We have it on good authority that George Osborne also agrees with this, and to save needless court costs, has asked for the men’s wages to be reduced accordingly.

Hairy Knorm’s nomination is in for the Rochester and Strood by-election

2014_7601_Hairy_Norm_23_OctHairy Knorm’s nomination has been accepted and his deposit paid.
He got his signatures from personal contacts in the constituency. The son of the drummer, who played with Rockin’ Robbo’s band was particularly helpful and Mad Mike and Hairy Knorm got the last eight signatures during a flying visit on Tuesday evening.

Go get reckless and make a storm
By voting for our Hairy Knorm!

Mad Mike in the Swale Borough Council by-election

2014_7502_Mad_Mike_Sheerness_Times_15_OctMad Mike came in with a victorious 27 votes in the election of a borough councillor in the Sheppey Central ward. Mad Mike declared “onwards, upwards and stay loony”. One of Mike’s main policy proposals is to “have a lunar farm for the collection of moonbeams at night. These will be converted into green cheese, which could be sold at local farm shops.”
Here is his election address to the Sheerness Times:

Hairy Knorm is our Loony Candidate in Rochester

2014_7501_Mad_Mike_and_Hairy_KnormLong time Loony Party campaigner Hairy Knorm is our candidate for the by-election in Rochester & Strood on the 20th of November. Mad Mike is his election agent, they are both seen here ringing up the Houses of Parliament booking the Strangers Bar for their victory celebrations on the 21st of November.

Clacton By-election Thurs 9th October 2014

Pages 8+9 of The Times Newspaper 10th Oct 2014

Pages 8+9 of The Times Newspaper 10th Oct 2014

Oh what a lovely war, fighting UKIP for our votes, 127 official loonies in Clacton, unfortunately 20 thousand odd, overqualified ones. Nevertheless best of luck to the winner, no hard feelings on our part and all others who took part. We had our usual array of social media following us around and involved as many people as we could.
The oft quoted phrase was “if Ukip were not here you would definitely have had my vote”, hence the opening line!

I arrived on Thurs 2nd and was immediately inundated with the TV circus, 2014_7361_Clacton_by-election_9_Octbetween 1pm and 2.30 BBC, ITV, Sky had all had a piece of me. Then throughout the week various independent cameras were on the streets looking for anything unusual, I didn’t let them down. A lovely picture of Nigel Farrage  and myself made The Times.

The count night was very entertaining. Along with ‘The Flying Brick’, ‘2014_7363_Clacton_by-election_9_OctRU Seerius’ Steve and Joy, Lady Hellenbak’, ‘Madam Margarita’ ‘Nigel Knapp’ Ross and Ian, we made our way to the Town Hall only to be surrounded by another fusillade of cameras and TV media. The sillier we were, the more they liked it, I can guarantee that more pictures will emerge throughout the year, in various magazines.

2014_7381_Clacton_by-election_9_OctInto the count, a tremendous round of applause on our entrance, everybody waiting to shake our hand and generally congratulate us, because in the very early stages we were in for beating the Lib-Dems, but it was not to be. Once again we didn’t come last ‘Charlotte Rose’ won that acclaim with 51 votes.

2014_7386_Clacton_by-election_9_OctCharlotte was ‘good value for money’, because she had a TV documentary team following her around, and they all insisted that I should join in, only had to be asked once. Apparently this documentary is an on-going thing, and I shall be asked to do more at a later stage! Charlotte made it very well known that she wanted to join the party and be our future chief whip, no contest, she was immediately 2014_7391_Clacton_by-election_9_Octaccepted.


Douglas thought about crossing to the Loony’s

Even Lempit Opek who was also in attendance, said that he might consider walking the floor next General Election, in the same style as Douglas Carswell did. All in all, a very good By-election, good fun, and just following the annual conference, a very busy three weeks.

Watch out for the next one, Rochester and Strood, Medway, Kent. Our candidate is Hairy Knorm, with the help of Mad Mike Young and Sheik Mihand. Not sure of the date yet but very imminent, I shall be there at the later stages along with whoever else wants to join in!

The Howling Laud.