The definitive Welsh Assembly Loony Party Manicfesto 2016

  1. We will feed the Welsh dragon as its looking a bit thin due to government cuts
  1. We will try to find a breeding pair of dragons as the Welsh Dragon is an endangered species.
  1. We will Report the Welsh dragon to the monopolies commission (there is only One)
  1. In the Interests of national security we will ban all Leeks from the Welsh Assembly canteen
  1. To save money we will reduce the Welsh assembly from 60 seats to 5 and create the Welsh Ensemble .
  1. Man versus horse and Bog snorkling to be an Olympic sport.
  1. We will create massive factories in South Wales manufacturing Bird nests and noodles and then flood china with them… well they did it to our steel,
  1. We will Legalise Broccoli
  1. We will give the Letter K a sound
  1. We will have different Coloured Dragons on the Welsh Flag.
  1. Anyone over 5 years old who can hold a crayon will be eligible to vote.
  1. We will Introduce Mermaids to Tiger Bay to increase tourism.
  1. We will make Swansea Airport the Hub of the Welsh Space Program.
  1. We promise that should we be elected we will not initiate any of our policies.

and another Welsh Assembly Victory Party


Welsh Assembly Victory Party


Our Local Area Candidates

Known party members to date who have submitted election papers for their own local areas on Thurs 5th May 1016:
Alan Hope aka Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Hart District Hampshire.
Alasdaire de Voile aka The Mad Hatter – Carfax Ward Oxford.
Mark Beech aka The Good Knight Sir Nos Dar – Pellsall Ward, Wallsall.
Andrew Cameron aka Lord Cameron of Roundwood – Baguley Ward, Manchester.
Shaun Jones aka Sir Oink-a-Lot – Sharston Ward, Manchester.
John Horner aka Johnny Disco – Northenden Ward, Manchester.
This is apart from the 25 of us standing in ‘The Welsh Assembly’ on the same day!
We also have six sitting Councillors at this time. Lets wish them all the best of luck!
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Party Leader.

Our ‘Party Election Broadcast’ for the Welsh Assembly

Party Election Broadcast listing!

BBC_Listings_13_Apr_2016Our 1st ever Party Election Broadcast was shown on the 13th April.

5.55pm – BBC2 Wales
6.25pm – ITV Wales
6.55pm – BBC1 Wales

“If you don’t usually vote, vote unusually!”

All our candidates standing for the Welsh Assembly

South Wales West (7)
Baron Barnes von Claptrap, Pete d’Lune, Margaret Jean Phillips, Sir Stevie Wonderful, Glyn Hyndman, Robert Gilis, Dewi Bowen

South Wales Central (5)
Howling Laud Hope, Mark Beech, Tony Davies, Baron von Thunderclap, Good Lord Dia Rea

South Wales East (5)
Baron Von Magpie Bum, Hugo Shovit, Mad Mike Young, Arty Pole, Dr Doodle Do

Mid & West Wales (7)
Lady lily The Pink, R.U. Seerius , Lady HelenBak, Lieutenant Jager Schnitzel, Knigel Knapp, Tristian Shout, Lord & Lady Dunquan

North Wales (6)
Nick the Flying Brick, Lord Cameron of Roundwood, Johnny Disco, Sir Oink-A-Lot, Mr McFloatyhands, Leon of Britain

Attention! Prepare for our 1st Ever ‘Party Election Broadcast!’

2016_0705_The_Senedd_13_FebWe qualified today for our our 1st ever Party Election Broadcast which will be broadcast on BBC & ITV Wales on the 13th April. We have candidates in all five regions in Wales with South Wales Central and South Wales East having their nominations accepted today on the 1st April. The South Wales East region organised by Alun Magpie Bum have, we believe, the youngest candidate to have ever stood for a seat in a British Higher Chamber. Hugo Shovit aka Aiden Conlin of Penhow was 18 yrs old last Wednesday on the 30th of March. Here he is in a green suit at the Senedd with other candidates preparing for Government. Vote Loony you know it makes Sense!
Flying Brick