General Election 2015

Well there it is, its all over, the dust has settled, and time to reflect, didn’t we do well. 16 candidates in the General and 13 candidates in local elections. Well done to each and every one of you, be as proud of yourself as I am of you. We didn’t return any MPs, but then we don’t need to, we are all ‘Mad Prats’, in the nicest sense of the word. I’ll tell you what we did do though, we gained six Council seats. In Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Worcestershire, Dorset, Sussex and Surrey to go along with the one that we already had in Hampshire. Now that’s something to be proud of in its self. In our own way we out loonied a lot of the other party’s. Its just makes me smile sometimes, and this was one such time. One of our members gets 72 votes, beats five other candidates, who in their mind are standing for a very good reason, only to be beaten by a LOONY, I wonder what goes through their mind. I bet they got some stick from their friends.
Looking forward to 2020, I bet you are, its all good fun and I expect you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves and met some nice people. I very often get the impression that the people really want us to win, but ‘he vote’s for us because he thinks that everyone else will’, but it doesn’t work like that, I keep telling ‘em. We’ve always said that if a smile was a vote, we’d win by a landslide. We are the party that everybody loves underneath it all, they would all love to come to our party!

Well they can, Sept 24-25-26 September, Blackpool, their putting the illuminations on a week earlier especially for us! And so can you, make this the next big date in your diary, don’t miss it, if you aint been yet, well you aint been nowhere. All the details are on our web page, the earlier you book the better, there is room for everyone, campers, motor homes and all. Please don’t have a preconceived idea that you will learn any thing or make any mind boggling discoveries, cause you won’t. Just bring your silly hat and join in the fun. This will be our 31st conference, let’s make sure its as good as the other 30.
We have a special contingent coming over from Germany, The Munster Raving Loony Party. See you all there, if not before!!
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope. Party Leader.

George Ridgeon sitting in Gloucester

2015_2801_George_RidgeonThe reason I stood, or in my case sat, for Parliament , for the first time, five years ago was that I could not help loony “Dancing Ken Hanks” at the University building he was speaking in as it was inaccessible to wheelchairs. How loony was that? My main campaign is for disabled access. I hope to encourage other disabled people to get out when they see me making a fool of myself.
I brought smiles to the public and to the other candidates, at the hustings I attended.  My 55,000 leaflet drop brought in 227 votes which represents 242 leaflets per vote! I had donations from both Labour and LibDem supporters to my cousin running for spinal research in the London marathon for his nutty uncle George.

Lunacy is sweeping the nation

The Loony Party have seven elected representatives around the UK

  • Howling Laud Hope, Fleet Town Council, Hampshire.
  • Baron Von Thunderclap, Bolney Parish, Sussex.
  • Martin Hogbin, Limpsfield Parish, Surrey.
  • Peter E. Hill, Great Carlton Parish, Lincolnshire.
  • Nick the Flying Brick, Kirk Ireton Parish, Derbyshire.
  • Baron Fullstop, Childwickham Parish, Worcestershire.
  • Roger Monksummers, Gilligham Parish, Dorset.

Mark Beech’s election summary from Aldridge & Brownhills

2015_2763_Mark_BeechThe Aldridge-Brownhills campaign did not get off to a great start. On my way home from paying the council the £500 deposit my shoelace snapped. Pink Andorevil Gem who had helped or hindered in previous campaigns defected to the Tories. In the first week of the campaign my car broke-down (anyone know where I can get a replacement front wheel hub for a MK2 Subaru Justy?). I printed and delivered 5,000 leaflets to the wrong constituency. I missed the only hustings as they arranged it for when I was in Edinburgh for St George’s day. It was not all bad though, I made the front page of the Express & Star. I received offers to join not one but two rival parties (TUSC and Conservative). By the end of the campaign 197 people in Aldridge-Brownhills had voted for me in the parliamentary election while 220 people from the Pelsall ward of Aldridge-Brownhills voted for me in the council election, and rumour has it that one of my polices may yet be enacted.

Nick the Flying Brick reports from Doncaster

2015_2635_Doncaster_Count_Daily_Star_7_MayThe election count was an excellent occasion and I had an keen group of supporters. We made our customary loud entrance to the counting hall and this was covered by The Telegraph among others.
At the end of the night at about 5.30am I was asked very politely if I wouldn’t mind standing at the very end of the stage for the declaration, but I forgot. Poor Ed Milliband’s party were having a rotten night and he looked quite glum, I on the other night was extremely pleased with my 162 votes!

Arty Pole reports from Louth and Horncastle, Lincs

2015_2551_Arty_PoleI got in local papers and appeared on local TV and radio and attended four hustings. Fifty percent of my manifesto was on local matters which had been failed to be addressed by the other candidates. I also stood for my Parish council of Gt. Carlton which had seven candidates for four seats. In the final result I finished last in the constituency but first for the parish, by quite a large margin. Having decided against having flyers delivered the total cost for the campaign, not including the deposit, came to about £100. Most of this was for the “I’m a Lincs Loony” badges which proved to be very popular. Roll on the conference in Blackpool!

Mid Bed Minx’s campaign

2015_2546_Mid_Bed_MinxI had a great time campaigning, everyone I met was positive and friendly with a lot of nice comments about the OMRLP. During the day,my assistants and myself stood outside the local Tesco, Waitrose and local GP surgeries with posters, which had been pasted onto wooden boards and leaflets.
In the evening we went around the pubs in the constituency, the record was seven pubs in one evening. We would go wearing our loony gear and just order drinks and sit down, the customers then came over to talk and receive leaflets.
I attended two hustings events, one in Shefford and the other at Cranfield University. These were rather nerve wracking but enjoyable. All the candidates, except one, got on very well. I’m afraid I did not attend the count as I was on holiday (booked before I was asked to stand!) and one of the other candidates text me the result when it was announced.

The Dame Dixon Campaign

2015_2541_Dame_DixonWith the slogan “Don’t Be Lame Vote Dame” Dame Dixon garnered headlines around the world with pictures in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Guardian and the Sunday Mirror! In full frock and make up she was snapped by ITV arriving for the count in the early hours of Friday Morning and would soon be enjoying a 125 vote last place triumph!



The whole place was buzzing and everyone – 2015_2542_Dame_Dixonwith a couple of grumpy Greens and Torys the exception – joined in the fun and the loony spirit of things! The Labour victor Peter Kyle welcomed the Dame very warmly and was extremely kind in ensuring her place at his side during the count so she could get on the tele! Many thanks have to go to all the people that voted, Steve Evans the Dames campaign manager – and go to Twitter man – plus Jan Belcher Heath for keeping an eye on the old Facebook. And of course Daisy Duke – the official campaign dog. It’s been a blast!
Dame Dixon