Pheonix festival

See the poster below for details of the Pheonix festival organised by our very own Loony members Dale and Karen. A great event and its very affordable….have a fantastic weekend away amongst nice people , good bands in a great venue.pheonixposter

Mad Hatter on ‘Master Chef’

2015_4201_Hatter_Bridge_oif_Sighs2The Mad Hatter and Alice are appearing on Master Chef. This is on BBC1, Friday the 17th of July between 8.30 – 10pm. The program celebrates the 150th anniversary of the publication of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with the theme, of course, being the Mad Hatter’s tea party.
The filming took place at our Mad Hatter’s favourite garden pub, ‘The Perch’ in Binsey, just outside Oxford which is one of the places where they often go to on the bike tours.

Further information about the program: >>Mad Hatter on Master Chef<<

New Direction

2015_2505_Newbury_WW_HowlinGale_26_Mar_011Our Party Leader, Howling ‘Laud’ Hope, this afternoon at precisely 3pm, was elected chairman of the ‘Highways and Transport’ committee on the Fleet Town Council in Hampshire. A position that he accepted with the ambiance and posture of his normal aplomb!

He  went on to say ” I can assure you that despite this honour the Loony party will continue to take the right road to Government, but with luck I may be able to swing it with the council to erect a signpost to show us the way”

Monster Crush

2015_3821_Monster_Crush_DSC07732_24_JunOur latest post General Election Co-ALE-ition ale was launched last Wednesday “Monster Crush” which is a 3.4% hoppy golden session ale brewed by the Wild Weather brewery from Silchester. The Monster Crush pumpclip features a special photo of Howling looking admiringly at Boris Johnson taken at the Uxbridge Parliamentary seat at the General Election last month as Boris was delivering his acceptance speech. Howling entertained and engaged everybody in his own inimitable charismatic style. He was aided and abetted by three Boris Johnson lookalikes.

Baron Fullstop’s recent letter to MP’s

2015_3801_Baron_Fullstop_JunIn 1963 , when Screaming Lord Sutch entered the political field as the Leader of the Teenage Party, the voting age was 21. Sutch campaigned for it to be 18 and in 1966 Harold Wilson’s government extended the voting franchise to 18 year old’s. In 1983, now as leader of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party , Lord Sutch argued that if you could marry, pay tax & join the army at 16 then you should be allowed to vote at 16.
As part of the EU Referendum Bill, the House of Commons debated extending the voting franchise to 16/17 year olds in an in /out  (shake it all about) EU Vote (albeit some 32 years after the OMRLP had first proposed the idea) . Referendums come along once or twice in a lifetime unlike General Elections, held every five years, most sensible MP’s recognise that 16/17 year olds should be given a voice on their future, much as Scotland did with the Yes/No vote .
I was saddened to read in Hansard that all three of the Worcestershire MP’s voted against extending the voting franchise to 16/17 year old’s , especially Harriet Baldwin , she hardly needs me to remind her that 98 short years ago she would not have had the vote let alone be in the position to deny 1.5 million 16/17 year old’s the same rights. Like Mrs Baldwin, Mr Walker & Mr Huddleston remain tight lipped as to why they do not trust the youth of this county and so we draw our own conclusions. Although happy to pose with young people on the electioneering trail and address schools and academies about ‘the democratic process’ it appears they did little other than follow the party line as the motion was defeated by 45 votes.
At 16 you can consensually sleep with your MP but not vote for him/her, and they call us Loonies.
Baron Fullstop.

The ‘Sunday People’ – about lost deposits

2015_2650_Doncaster_Count_Mirror_7_MayThe Sunday People interviewed Howling and published an article about “lost deposits”.
“We’re proud of that record,” Loony leader Howling Laud Hope told the Mirror’s Sunday newspaper.
“If anyone saved their deposit it would mean they are not being loony enough.

Monster Crush

2015_3541_Monster_Crush Info

Elvis & Mac

2015_3522_Mac_PooleJust a short mention on this one ‘Elvis’, shear coincidence, – both Phil ‘Elvis’ Priestly and Tony ‘The Jersey Flyer’ Blyth, both became bitten with the same ‘Loony Bug’ after meeting up with Howling ‘Laud’ Hope, at the then Party Headquarters, at the Golden Lion Hotel in Ashburton, Devon. Phil just happened to pop in whilst on holiday from Aldershot! Tony whilst working on Dartmoor. This was how we first met, and then they got to know each other a Party Conference in 2001 at the Dog and Partridge in Yateley, Hampshire.
Life Goes on day after day for some, and for some, not so lucky, as we are finding now. It with with regret once more, that I have to tell you of another friend of David Sutch, myself and the party. The passing of Mac Poole, Mac ‘Malcolm’ Poole was a professional drummer and had been around for many years and well respected in the music business.
Although not a party member, (he always said that he was a sympathiser) he had worked with the Savages on many occasions. Was heard, but not seen on many a chart hit, like a lot of not quite so well knows, he was always around. Very well known though to those that knew him, cause he couldn’t stop talking. Nice banter and always very helpful.
The measure of his popularity was confirmed by the people who attended, 250 or more turned up to pay tribute. After his immediate family, it was all musician friends and acquaintances, the likes of, Rick Wakeman, Chas Mcdevitt, Billie Davis, Graham Fenton, Danny Rivers just to name a few. We were mentioned in dispatches, it was said that he would have been pleased to know that the ‘Loony Party’ were in attendance. So long Mac, memories from us all!