#LoonyLotto Games update

Along with the regular daily games this week’s line up for our Twitter #LoonyLotto include:

Monday 18th Jan – #LoonyAliceMP: Make a new word with the help of Lewis Carroll and any MP. Entries to be judged by Gyles Brandreth



Wednesday 20th Jan – #AskHowling: Q&A with our glorious leader




Friday 22nd Jan – #LoonySafety – Give the crash helmet for Lord Matthew Wright a makeover


There will be no impeachment under an OFFICIAL Loony  Government without also having an imbananament, implument, imapplement and imsatsumament and therefore ensuring everyone has their five a day.

Ask Howling

Lord Sutch inspires fashion 55 years on . . .

Here are the games lined up on Twitter this week for our #LoonyLotto

As well as the usual Loony board games, we have some fun quizes & games to play over the next week to gain a plethora of #LoonyLotto enties.

#LoonyLottoTree – Now – win our XMAS Tree

#LoonyLochdown – Mon

#LoonySpirit – Tue

#LoonyLottoDrearyDrab – Thurs

#LoonyLottoBrunch – Sun

The week after we will be doing a live Q&A with Howling, will confirm day/time later this week along with the promo’s for LoonyDrearyDrab and LoonyBrunch


To greatly increase your chances to win oodles of LoonyLotto entries in the games LoonySpirit and LoonyDrearyDrab, we strongly suggest that you tune into www.radioalty.co.uk/listen.html

on Tuesday & Thursday from 10am-noon!!!

Tampon Tax

We are very pleased to see that the Tax on Tampons is due to be revised as of 1st Jan.
Yet another Loony Party Policy  from Chinner’s Manicfesto of 2005 that our Government has finally enacted. Due to EU rules  this could not have be done any sooner, with the exception of Ireland.
RU Seerius

Roll out the vaccine

Manicfesto Proposal:  Save our Pubs (and our Lives)

  1. Put the Covid vaccine in Beer..
  2. Open the Pubs, and in two days time the whole country will be vaccinated
    (thanks to Michael for this one)
    RU Seerius

New Year Loony Honours

Once again, we in the caring sharing party have deemed it appropriate to bestow a twinkle of Loonyness on some well deserving people of our fine isle.

Lord Mike Batt – Minister of Bright-Eyed Wombles & Rabbits
Lord Batt is one of the finest musicians and conductors of his or anyone else’s generation. His Watership Down song ‘Bright Eyes’ is regarded by Paul McCartney as one of the best songs he never wrote. This song was performed to stunning effect by our Lord Tiswas Bunny, aged 5, back in 1979. Lord Batt’s first OFFICIAL Loony duties will be keeping Lord Tiswas Bunny in check . . . good luck with that task m’lud.

The Nolans – Ministers of Happy Family Mood Dancing
Multi chart topping, biggest girl group of the universe have longed been overlooked in the annual gongs . . . not any longer, they are now ‘at home with the loonys’, a series that you can watch on catch-up on QuestRedTV

Finally, we pronounce our first corporate honour to all the people who have served us in the shops. Like our wonderful NHS and other key workers, they have ALL been in the front line during this pandemic, but seldom receive any recognition for the valuable service they have provided . . . we salute every single one of you who are now our Ministers of Valuable Counters & Service.