More music free from The Loony party

Just a reminder that our man Chinners runs events almost every week…most of it is free.
So if your local, or passing go see these bands….
this week:
SAT 23rd Jan, 8.30pm
@ Cricketers, Chessington, Surrey

Cabinet reshuffle

Unlike some parties  and candidates who dare to disagree with the leader we are not vindictive. We pride ourselves that we only have one cabinet reshuffle per year.

Here are some pictures of us at our 2015 cabinet reshuffle.reshuffle2015breshuffle2015a

New Years Greetings

We would like to wish all our members and all our voters, and any potential voters a very happy and prosperous New Year.

To anyone who didn’t vote for us Bah Humbug! but for anyone is considering it you should make it your New years resolution, as this will give you an enormous sense of well being.

We have lots going on this year and are looking forward to a major campaign in Wales soon….watch this space.

Yearly update! With photos from Oldham Count

2015_9113_Oldham_By-Election_3_Dec2015 was another very successful year for our Party.

Yep, it’s Christmas again, you all make sure that you have a good one, I will. But then again I always do. I don’t want to be anywhere but at home for this time of year, which is why I always buzz off to Malta in January. Which I shall be doing 7th Jan 2016 for the month.

Looking back over the year, yes it was very eventful, it started in Malta for me as usual, some of our Mediterranean friends said that they would make it to the conference this year, they didn’t, you just wait till I get there this coming Jan.

Feb – On my return I was called down to the Bath University Politics Forum as guest speaker, that went very well, a good turn out and was well received.

2015_9114_Oldham_By-Election_3_DecMarch – Went back down to Ashburton where the Loony Party was born in June 1982, at the invitation of the West Country News. They thought it a good idea that they should have an update because the news was out now that Boris Johnson was intending to stand against me for the Uxbridge General Election seat. Met up with Basil Fawlty and we did a very good TV interview.

April – Saw me back on the Daily Politics Show with Andrew Neal and Jo Grimmond, very good. If you have not seen it its up on our web site. Plus guest speaker on the Bournemouth Uni Politics Radio Show ! With the run up to the by-election quite a lot of independent radio’s are getting in touch. At least ten during April.

May – Come the big one , Me and Boris slugging it out on stage in Uxbridge. He won that one, I can’t wait for the rematch.

2015_9118_Oldham_By-Election_3_Dec72 votes, so he presented me with his latest book called ‘72 Virgins’, quite a nice touch I thought! Plus we, the party, appeared on the Arabian BBC channel and the French Overseas TV channel.

June – Took the month off for my birthday!

July – In my local council roll, I was elected Chairman of Highways and Transport on the local Fleet Council. Our Co-ALE-ition range of beers had now come to an end. Probably could have carried on if the General had ended being another coalition.

August – Spent ten days up in Liverpool visiting and promoting the party. It’s a shame that we don’t have anybody standing there, it was the scene of our greatest triumph beating Doctor David Owen and his Social Democrat Party in Bootle. We now have four potential candidates for the future.

2015_9123_Oldham_By-Election_3_DecSeptember – What a wonderful conference, can we do better than that, we will try to next year. I’ll say no more, all of you that were there know what I mean.

October – Saw the last of our Co-ALE beer shows at the Royal Ascot Race weekend, five on all at once. A special thanks to Derrill Carr for all his hard work and enthusiasm for setting up our beer range, to Steve and Joy and all the others who joined in, especially the Brewers. A lot of good publicity was achieved for the party through JD Wetherspoon, which we must thank Tim Martin and his team for.

2015_9124_Oldham_By-Election_3_DecNovember – Quite quiet apart from a few local things, like switching on the towns Christmas lights, good job too cause we are now building up to the Oldham West and Royton By-election to be held on Thurs 3rd Dec. I was thinking of doing it myself but then thought why not ask if one of our Manchester members would like to stand instead. Of course we will was the answer from Lord Cameron of Roundwood, I’ll talk Sir Oink-a Lot into doing it. Sir Oink was a star, turned out to be a great candidate. So there we were, all set and ready to go, with the Flying Brick as his agent what could go wrong, nothing was the answer. Myself and Chinners our Spin Doctor, moved into Oldham seven days before and got the campaign up and running. Lord Cam, Johnny Disco and Sir Oink joined us during the week and generally, as usual we got a great reception.

2015_9126_Oldham_By-Election_3_DecThe count night was up to expectation too, a lot of predicting that we might beat Liberal and Green, but was not to be. We came last, we didn’t let you down. Oinky got 141 votes, but in spin doctor terms our result was 141% up on last time, better than all the others. It was pointed out on many occasion that I personally was the only Party Leader at the count. It’s surprising the things that people notice and pick up on. We were all invited back to the UKIP (victory party) afterwards, but it got so late for most. I say all, only our party! Myself and Chinners went along to fight our corner and good fun was had by all. The party goers and those who attended our party malarkey. Yes, and a special thanks to all our party members who got involved on the count night.
So I’ll finish where I started
A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
See you all in 2016

Cynthia Payne’s Funeral 9th Dec 2015

Cynthia_PayneCynthia or Madam Cyn as she was more affectionately known was a great friend of the Loony Party. She stood for Parliament herself as the ‘Payne and Pleasure Party’ on more than one occasion; hence she met Screaming Lord Sutch on the Chelsea and Kensington hustings in the late 80s. She was never an actual member of our party but we used to refer to her as our Chief Whip, which used to make her smile. She loved the publicity just as much as David Sutch; they sort of fed off of each other. She came down to the Scilly Isles with Myself, Lord Tiverton and David and some others, we wanted to move the Houses of Parliament there, quite an apt idea!!
She attended seven of our conferences at ‘The Golden Lion Hotel’ down in Ashburton and was present at our conference in 2004 at ‘The Dog and Partridge’ in Yateley, Hants. Unfortunately that was the last time that we saw her. I attended her funeral along with our party chairman ‘The Jersey Flyer’, ‘Professor Retard’ the lovely Yvonne Elwood came with me, and Charlotte Rose was in attendance also. She had a good send off, horse drawn glass coach, a jazz band and lots of people having fond memories of her.
From the Official Monster Raving Loony Party
Goodbye Cynthia thanks for the fun!
Howling ‘Laud’ Hope.

Success at Oldham By-election

A resounding success… Sir Oink a lot and the Loony party would like to thank all the people who came out and voted for him
his vote has increased by 141%..
141 voters knew it made sense….
and just to point out that UKip and the Green party still only have one more M.P than us
Well done oink…oink

R.I.P Cynthia p.s thank you for your custom

It is with Great regret we announce the passing of our Chief Whip and friend of the Loony Party
Cynthia Payne.
Cynthia Payne, whose life was imortalised in film in the 1980s, has died at the age of 82,
A friend and associate of Screaming Lord Sutch, Alan Hope and many others in the party.. She will be missed.

at the Golden lion in ashburton

At the Golden Lion in Ashburton

A Winning Team for Oldham